Origen as seen by Saint Gregory Thaumaturgus

Origen of AlexandriaAnd thus, like some spark lighting upon our inmost soul, love was kindled and burst into flame within us, – a love at once to the Holy Word, the most lovely object of all, who attracts and irresistibly toward Himself by His unuterrable beauty, and to this man, His friend and advocate. And being most mightily smitten by this love, I was persuaded to give up all those objects or pursuits which seem to us befitting, and among others even my boasted jurisprudence, – yea, my very fatherland and relatives, both those who were present with me then, and those from whom I had parted. And in my estimation there arose but one object dear and worth desire, – to wit philosophy, and that master of philosophy, that divine man.

Saint Gregory Thaumaturgus