November 14-15, 2014: Participation to the Conference “Lumen Gentium: The Church as Sign and Sacrament of Trinitarian Communion”, at the Washington Session of the John Paul II Institute. Speaker on the topic: Hierarchy, Laity, and Religious: Holiness and the Communion of Saints

Seminar on Greek tragedians

Guided reading of some plays according to Balthasar’s presentation (in The Glory of the Lord. The Realm of Metaphysics in Antiquity)

It is Greek tragedy, and not Greek philosophy, with which the Christians primarily entered into dialogue, that forms the great, valid cypher of the Christ event.
H.U. von Balthasar

When: 27th October – 13th November

Works: Euripides, Alcestis; Sophocles, Antigone; Aeschyleus, Prometheus

Professor: don Andrea Brutto

October 10-11, 2014: Participation to the Symposium “Actualité et fécondité d’un maître : Louis Bouyer (1913-2004)“, at the Institut Catholique de Paris; Lecture given: La Sagesse selon L. Bouyer : Genèse, sources et développements d’une intuition primordiale.

Summer Session: The Christian Task in the World

From Wednesday, 23 July, through Tuesday, 29 July 2014, three Jesuits joined together with ten young adults at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama for a special young adult session entitled, “Engagement with God: the Christian Task in the World according to Hans Urs von Balthasar.

The rector of the Casa Balthasar led the session, which was organized by friends and alumni of the Casa. The participants came from two countries and six US states. At the session, the students had the chance to reflect on the distinctive place and role of the Christian layperson in the world. The session also provided an opportunity for participants to reflect on the charter of Cor Mundi, a communion of friendship that brings together lay Christians engaged in studies or secular professions who strive to integrate as best they can their temporal activity with their life of grace. Since the summer session, two Cor Mundi circles have already formed in North America around session participants, and preparation for a third group is already in the works.

One of the student participants in the 2014 Mobile Summer Session offers this reflection, which communicates something of the spirit of the week of Christian formation and fellowship shared by the participants, the Jesuits who accompanied them, the families who hosted them, and many others who helped to make the session possible.

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Confirmation of a student

Basilica of San Vitale, in Rome

On Sunday March 30th, there will be an event of great joy and thanksgiving for the students and the rector: a young Welsh woman who has been living and studying at the Casa Balthasar for some months will be confirmed. This will be the last stage of her journey from a protestant denomination into full communion with the Catholic Church. Please pray for her and you are welcome to participate in giving thanks to the Lord at the celebration which will take place at 6:30 PM at the Basilica of San Vitale, in Rome.