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Seminar on Greek tragedians

Guided reading of some plays according to Balthasar’s presentation (in The Glory of the Lord. The Realm of Metaphysics in Antiquity) It is Greek tragedy, and not Greek philosophy, with which the Christians primarily entered into dialogue, that forms the great, valid cypher of the Christ event. H.U. von Balthasar When: 27th October – 13th November Works: Euripides, […]

October 10-11, 2014: Participation to the Symposium “Actualité et fécondité d’un maître : Louis Bouyer (1913-2004)“, at the Institut Catholique de Paris; Lecture given: La Sagesse selon L. Bouyer : Genèse, sources et développements d’une intuition primordiale.

Confirmation of a student

On Sunday March 30th, there will be an event of great joy and thanksgiving for the students and the rector: a young Welsh woman who has been living and studying at the Casa Balthasar for some months will be confirmed. This will be the last stage of her journey from a protestant denomination into full communion […]