1° semester (Roma)

  • St. Irenaeus: “God in flesh and blood”, texts from the anthology of the Adversus Haereses edited by H. U von Balthasar (A. Brutto)
  • The task of the Catholic philosophy (J. Servais – A. Brutto)
  • The confession in contemporary literature (A. Savoldi)
  • The “evangelical counsels”, living in the world today (J. Servais)
  • The discernment of spirits in the Letters of St. Ignatius (J. Servais)

2° semester (Roma)

  • Joseph Ratzinger – “Jesus of Nazareth” (A. Brutto)
  • Engagement of the Christian into the world (J. Servais)
  • Theo-Drama, vol . 1 – Introduction to the drama (A. Brutto)
  • Saints and heavenly mission (A. Savoldi)

 Annual course

  • Discernment of the spirits in St Ignatius’ letters (J. Servais)