Casa Balthasar, current location in Rome

Whom is it for

Young celibate men and women who want to make personnally-guided Spiritual Exercises (one to four weeks), having as their purpose the overcoming of self and the ordering of one’s life on the basis of a decision made in freedom from any disordered attachment.

Young persons who are more at liberty and want to be given a program formation and vocational discernment (a few months or more). This program includes a personally-guided education both spiritual and intellectual.

Young male students or professionals, who are ready to suspend for one or two years their current commitments and stay for a longer period of time devoted to discerning and consolidating a vocation. They are desirous of finding the will of God and of consecrating themselves in the Church at the heart of the world and want to take the means to do so.

Educated young people who have the possibility of attending regular seminars of the Accademia Balthasar. These seminars would concern those who are in search of a formation in Christian humanism in dialogue with the western Culture, with the special aim of discovering the meaning of the three vows of poverty, virginity and obedience as a threefold dimension of an authentic being within – not from – the world.

University students and researchers who want to deepen their knowledge, thanks to the specialized library, of three major representatives of the world culture that Pope emerite Benedict XVI has indicated as assured references: Henri de Lubac, Hans Urs von Balthasar and Adrienne von Speyr.

Anyone interested in conferences and public debates or study sessions, open to non-residents. These events take place during the year, especially during religious holidays and the summer vacation.