The Lubac-Balthasar-Speyr Association is a public association of faithful in the service of the universal Church.

The Association began its activities on February 18, 1991, to support the “Casa Balthasar”, founded in 1990 under the patronage of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, by an international group gathered around him of disciples or young friends of Hans Urs von Balthasar and Henri de Lubac:

Aim of the Association

The Lubac-Balthasar-Speyr Association intends:

  • to make known among young men and women the figure and work of Henri de Lubac, of Hans Urs von Balthasar and of Adrienne von Speyr,
  • to promote an evangelical life and studies in the spirit of these authors,
  • to assist young men and women in their cultural and spiritual formation and especially in their discernment of a state of life in the Church.

Works of the Association

The Association strives towards these ends above all through the Casa Balthasar, a school of christian life located in Rome (Italy), especially dedicated to young adults lay Christian desiring to deepen their commitement to the Lord and discern how they are called to serve Him.

The Casa Balthasar houses also the Accademia Balthasar, with a dedicated library of about 10.000 books.

The Association’s offices are located at the Casa Balthasar (see Contact information).