International house of spiritual discernment and formation

Inspired by the persons and writings of
Hans Urs von Balthasar, Adrienne von Speyr and Henri de Lubac
Founded in 1990 under the patronage of Cardinal Ratzinger and located in Rome

Casa Balthasar, current location in Rome

Casa Balthasar

In Rome, a place to discern a vocation and a center of studies to answer the world’s need for radical Christian commitment.

Cor Mundi

«Cor Mundi»

A network of laypersons engaged in studies or professions who want consecration to Christ in the world and from within the world.

Accademia Balthasar

Studies to lead towards the spirit of greater faith and love of the Lord which distinguishes Balthasar, Lubac and Von Speyr.

News & Events

Symposium Internationale

Adrienne von Speyr (1902–1967) 

A Woman in the Heart of the 20th Century

November 17–18, 2017


Simposio AvS 17_18nov

Course Offerings

Course Offerings

Accademia Balthasar

First Semester

25th september 2017 – 1st february 2018

8.30 am – 12.20 pm


The Tragedians: Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides (A.Brutto)


Pastoral Letters of Saint Paul to Timothy and Titus (J.Servais)


«Christlicher Stand» – Hans Urs von Balthasar (J.Servais)

Summer Session 2017

Summer Session Oga (SO)


The Bucolica – The Georgics – The Aeneid

according Balthasar’s presentation

7th – 25th August

led by Andrea Brutto

Summer Session 2017

Summer Session Bocca di Magra (SP)


Jedermann – Der Turm

according Balthasar’s presentation

19th – 28th July 

led by Jacques Servais

John the Baptist: "Behold the Lamb of God"

Spiritual Exercices

Saint Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises are a method by which Christians can seek actively, through a conversion to the Good News, a life of personally following Christ  – and this – within the Church with the aim of choosing in Her a particular place to “remain” and “bear fuit” (John) for the world.

Spiritual Exercises personally guided

During Holy Week 2017

Casa Balthasar

P. Jacques Servais S.J.
(cell. 348 764 6022 •